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Why should you purchase cannabis seeds from our seed bank?

  • We have been providing quality cannabis seeds at great prices in the USA since 2017.
  • When you make a marijuana seed purchase from a USA seed bank you do not have to wait weeks for seeds!
  • All  cannabis seeds are shipped in a discreet protective package at no extra cost.
  • Our seed bank stocks the best cannabis genetics from top marijuana breeders from around the globe.
  • Most of our profits go into making Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) for patients suffering from the multitude of ailments marijuana provides relief from.


Are you looking for the best autoflower seed bank in the US?

We are a provider of premium quality autoflowering feminized seeds in the United States. We carry amazing autoflower genetics from the best breeders world wide.

The best feminized seeds can be found here.

Bakedbeans stocks a variety of feminized seeds from renowned breeders. Use the search bar or browse our entire stock by breeder. We also carry a massive selection of regular (non-feminized) marijuana seeds for sale.

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