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5 pack reg seeds – Medicann

This original Afghani strain is exactly as it sounds, it is original land race Afghani and is the best producing and strongest Indica around, from Afghanistan’s Mazar e Sherif region.
Afghani cannabis is native to a high-altitude, mountainous environment, and as such, is naturally strong and able to ward off pests and other potentially adverse elements of nature.
This plant is the base plant for so many strains that are available today across the globe, it is a really heavy producer and heavy hitter.
Medicann have been working with this particular Afghani since 1974 and have never had any problems, it is about as stable as it gets.
Medical Uses: General pain relief, headaches, back pain,

Seed Company/Breeder Medicann Seeds
Exact Seed Type Indica 100%
Sex Femanized
Genetics Afghani land race
Flowering Time 45 – 50 days
Grow Area Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
Pathogen Resistance Pests
Good For… Headache, Pain Relief
Illness/Condition Back Pain, Headaches, Pain
Flavor Earthy
Fruit Flavor Earthy
Yield Weight (Indoor) 200g/m2, 450g/m2
Yield Weight (Outdoor) 1000 – 1200g/m2
Approx Height 100cm, 150cm