Butter Cup


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5 reg seeds per pack

Cookies & Cream x Goji OG

Heavy Producer

Motivating, relaxing, pain relief, creativity

Strain Description:

The taste is the first thing you notice but the visual expression is what excited me most. A Nice mix of Purple and Greens from seed but the tall exotic Purple was the standout. Hints of Peanut Butter and Chocolate mix with the OG and form a complex “Hash taste”.

Phenotypes: The Purple Phenotype is less common than the Green but appears 1 outa 10

Yield: Phat! Nice dense heavy bud clusters

Harvest: 63-70 days

Sativa/ Indica 60/40

High Type: Heady, euphoric, appetite inducing, pain relief, Motivating

Taste / Aroma Cookie Dough, Chocolate, Grape, Musty, Peanut Butter