Cherry Lemonade


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5 pack of reg seeds

Cherry lemonade is a cross between (Cherry Pie OG × Jack The Ripper) she’s a sugary treat, very frosty beautiful dense buds, flavor profile that’s off the charts with an incredible high. look for the prize ” fruit punch” phenotypes other variations range from sweet cherry OG / lemon candy. Very strong plant with virtually no need for cage /trellis. Excellent cultivar for extracts & cultivators that love strong terpene profiles.

Cherry lemonade was a project that was in the works but was lost in the 2017 California wildfire with other priceless moms, dads along with countless seeds & Subcool’s beautiful home. Thanks to one of my good friends, Scotty who had the cherry Pie cut that was needed for this project to be up & running again.

Phenotypes: Tall plants that require topping and training but the stems support the flower well easily. Strong Cherry and fruit smells and heavy resin production good for extracts.
Height: Medium to Tall 2x
Yield: 650 Grams per 1000 Watt fixture per 2/SQYD Quadrant*
Indoor and Outdoor: Does well Indoors and Out
Best Way to Grow: Top the plants at least twice to form a shorter tree this plant is very vigorous,
Harvest: 56-63 Days
Sat/Ind: 40/60
Hybrid: Granddaddy Purple X Durban Poison X Jacks Cleaner f1 X Space Queen
High Type: heady, stony / relaxing / pain relief / creative
Taste: Fruit / Cherry’s / Lemons / Musk / Sour / Fruit