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5 pack of reg seeds

     G-13 X Space Queen

• Sativa/Indica 50/50

• Harvest Window 56-63 Day

• Heavy Producer

• Motivating, relaxing, pain relief and stimulating appetite

Of all the commercially available cannabis strains today, few have accumulated such a legendary reputation and sprouted so many urban myths as the mysterious G13 Afghani Indica. It has even found its way into American cinema, contributing to the already large wall of mysticism surrounding this plant. Where this plant came from and whether or not it actually ever existed has been the subject of countless debates. By following the faint trace that this plant has left behind it, we are drawn to the U.S in the 1970’s, where this legendary plant supposedly originated from. I was lucky enough to meet Airborne whose G-13 Cut was used by many of the big names in Breeding. We have always grown her for ourselves but we decided to make a Limited Cross.

Strain Description:

The high comes on fast and strong and is very upbeat almost giddy. As you would expect, its potent I mean G-13 didn’t get famous for no reason but the Space Queen adds some depth to the high. The resin production is on another level and the only down side is this is a limited release for now only a hundred packs are available.

Phenotypes: Are quite similar and should be selected based on flavor and suitability to environment; expect candy, lime and musky spice aromas packed with molasses

Height: Medium Height Stretches 2X

Yield: Heavy yielding strain, expect many large frosty buds of medium density

Best way to Grow: Top or LST early to shape, trellis cage or stake to support aggressive growth; veg leaves can be enormous, selective deleafing is recommended

High Type: Giggly/ Mysterious/ Pain Relief, great for Parties

Taste / Aroma Candy, Sandalwood, Nag Champa, Tootsie Rolls, Brown Sugar, Spiced Cake